Your coaching has helped me in several ways!! I know more about myself
now because of it! You encouraged me to start  journaling, which has
helped in keeping my emotions in check and being able to express my
feelings on a daily basis. You always
listened and always knew the right things to say at the right moment.
You have a gift that most do not have. Your ability to show genuine
concern and love for people is a blessing!  You  speak the truth
instead of sugarcoating, despite it stinging a little. 

I admire that and would recommend you to anybody and everybody!  ~ Julissa

Learned so much about myself and to accept and not try to fit myself
into someone else's box - just be me!!! - The guidance and insight I
received helped prepare me for a chronic illness that beset me about a
year after working with Risa - by knowing who I am I was able to cope
with my new limitations and adjust accordingly.
I have learned that in allowing myself to accept help when I need it I
actually have the emotional and physical energy to help others in
addition to a new found compassion. ~ Priscilla

I was able to learn about myself which includes my desires, my dreams
and my fears. I gained knowledge about the steps needed in order to fulfill my God-given purpose. 

As a result  I enrolled in  and completed my college degree and gained the training and educneeded to pusue my goals. I believe working with Risa was exactly what I needed to direct my steps  in life.  I spent many years confused and unable to find meaning or  purpose in life.  I am now able to walk with courage and a greater sense  of self worth with her help and guidance.  ~Aubreay 

  When I reached out to Risa it was a time in my life where I was ready
for a change.  Change is scary!  The coaching prepared me for a bigger
picture.  Coaching is not about forcing or coercing a person into changing. 

It is an opportunity for working together to bring out one's best!  

The transformations continue to happen on a daily basis for me and I welcome the opportunity to be better 

prepared for life's challenges.  Your patience and dedication helped me focus on the
beginning of what a "mission" oriented life looks like. ~Kathie

I recognized and realized multidimensional change in my life.  I learned
to cope with soul-searching and self-doubt.  ~Skip

Healing takes on many shapes and forms, but emotional healing can be the
most difficult.  Risa's insight and ability to help me focus on life
events that caused a great deal of emotional damage in my life were the
catalyst for me to begin that healing process.  Her guidance and support
have certainly been an intricate part of that journey.  Her ability to
see the big picture but focus on the crux of the problem are truly her
strengths that help many. ~ Evelyn